September 9, 2015
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Backlink Generator Software

When it comes to SEO strategies, most experts agree they play a vital role in increasing traffic and generating leads. Because of the value they add, the need for backlink generator software has skyrocketed in 2021. With the right software, mentioning and linking to other websites becomes easier and yields better results.

The goal is to identify and use a high-quality automated backlink generator. With so many companies vying for your business, there is no shortage of options. However, one, in particular, stands out — the Google backlink generator. With this, not only can you select from a broad range of paid tools, but also those that cost nothing.

Initially, building links was a relatively simple process. Without an abundance of online competition, you could launch a new website with links to hundreds of different sites. Thus, very quickly, ranking on the coveted first page of Google search results.

This led to people adding thousands of backlinks to their sites overnight. That pushed their site to the first page of search results. However, it caused the ranking to drop substantially and the site to lose credibility within a brief time frame. The primary reason, among the vast number of backlinks, is that many led to useless sites.

With the introduction of algorithms, it became impossible to link in an old-fashioned way. Along with leading SEO experts, Google trusted in backlinks and, therefore, pushed ahead to identify a way to qualify and utilize them correctly using a website backlinks generator.

Considered a “white hat” SEO strategy, meaning it is ethical, there is less risk that Google will penalize you and remove your site from indexing. Instead, you can generate backlinks automatically, which in turn, helps you garner more business.

We do not consider the services that generate links online as a trustworthy tool. There is no sense in such links. They are not indexed, and almost all are nofollow. Even if they are indexed and dofollow, then it would be better not to have them at all because this is a spam link and is not suitable for white SEO. We give an example of a couple of such services. Use them only if you know what you are doing.

The principle of their work is to send your site to all kinds of rating systems and statistics. Many of these sites do not work at all, and the rest of them do not make clickable links (i.e. just text, you cannot click on it and go to the site). Naturally, you cannot choose anchor text for such links.

If you want to get free quality links, then we have prepared other options for you.


Official website:

Price: totally free

As a prime example, BackLinkr simplifies the backlink building process. In fact, as you delve into different free automatic backlink generators, many SEO experts give this particular software a high rating. Because the backlinks go to well-established sites with excellent reputations, they are frequently crawled by Google and other search engines. That means there is an excellent chance of your site or page ranking higher in very little time.

Although free, BackLinkr has several fantastic tools. One is the Meta Tag Extractor, which automatically extracts meta tags from virtually any site. You can collect titles, as well as keywords and descriptions, while staying in line with the recommended number of characters. This software also has a unique preview option, allowing you to look at your page in Google’s search results. With another feature, you can edit the extracted meta tags in real time.

The BackLinkr software also boasts a free WHOIS lookup tool and keyword tool. The only real drawback is that for even more beneficial features, you must pay a subscription fee.

Backlink Maker

Official website:

Price: totally free

When comparing this automated backlink generator over others, one advantage stands out — it can generate a substantial volume of high-value backlinks. In fact, the process usually takes only seconds. When finished, you can anticipate to see your search ranking improve in a matter of days.

If you work as a webmaster, you have access to a host not only automated backlink generator but also innovative tools, including DNS Analysis, Port Scanner, Ping Tool, Spider View Analysis, Server Status Checker, and IP Address Lookup. For this software backlink builder, you have three fantastic options: Keyword Trends Checker, Google Cache Checker, and Keyword Density Checker.

As a developer, your tool can utilize several unique features by this automatic backlink generator, such as a live HTML editor and Code Beautifier. Not only that, but you benefit from a series of online money tools, bandwidth and data tools, and an incredible reference section as well. Unfortunately, Backlink Maker only generates backlinks, meaning after generating, you would have to use yet another tool for indexing purposes.

Search Engine Reports

Official website:

Price: totally free

You can use this online backlink generator to improve your search engine ranking. With a simple process, you can enhance your online visibility, which increases your site’s trustworthiness and reach. As other sites confirm your popularity, Google receives a signal that the content on your page has value, is credible, and worth indexing.

The Backlink Maker offered by Search Engine Reports is high-quality backlink builder software. It creates links to your pages that look natural as opposed to spam. To use this tool, enter your website’s URL in the appropriate box and the magic begins. Withing the free version many exciting tools can be used for backlinking, keywords, text analysis, website management, password management, and more.

Considering all the features Backlink Maker offers and the fact it is free, there are no significant issues to worry about.

This is an excellent way to build backlinks for a gray site. But with a skillful specialist, it can be applied even for a white site. The softwares for this service can be a little difficult to learn, but after you acquire skills how to work with it, it will reward you with excellent results. There are examples when casino review sites were brought to the top using this software.

This approach is ideal for improving the indexing of links. But it can also be used to build tier 2 and 3 links.

2.1. GSA Search Eengine Ranker

GSA Search Eengine Ranker

Official website:

Price: $99

Demo version: available

This is a great tool for generating backlinks. A great advantage is its flexibility and, as a result, more opportunities. If mastered well, it can even be used to build tier 1 links. Another advantage is that it is much cheaper than its SEO Autopilot counterpart.

With GSA Search Engine Ranker you will never have to care about backlinks ever again. The software builds backlinks for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unlike other SEO tools, it doesn’t require a database of prescreened websites to leave backlinks. After your project is configured, GSA SER will automatically locates new websites for you, registers accounts and submit your content /links without any intervention on your end.

GSA Search Eengine Ranker

Official website:

Price: $67/month

Demo version: available

SEO Autopilot is an Advanced Link Building Software using the latest and Cutting Edge Technology, which creates High-Quality Backlinks on Authority Websites completely on Autopilot.

Highest success rate on Web 2.0 platforms ever by a link building software. That’s what SEO AutoPilot is about. It’s an amazing and fresh look at automation software that will cause everyone to raise their standards.

It is generally an easy and effective tool, but pricing is pretty high.

3. 世界杯去哪里买球Management: Proven Backlink Maker


This service is designed for online business owners, marketers and SEO specialists in USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Europe, who want to improve their website rankings on Google with the help of high quality, relevant DA40-DA100 backlinks . 世界杯去哪里买球Management always improves its system, as well as its SEO strategy for its customers.

Main features :

  • Free SEO Cost Calculator Tool
  • F100% of links are placed manually
  • F100% of links are surrounded with content
  • FThe largest inventory of USA publishers in the industry (more than 1 million pages)
  • FBacklink pages and backlinks with multiple filtering options
  • FUser sees the backlink page before he buys a link on it
  • FHighly relevant backlink pages found with help of Search by Keyword interface
  • F世界杯去哪里买球Management automatically updates SB ranks and prices of the links (even after purchase)
  • FConvenient backlink page search and filtering system


  • Really powerful backlink maker
  • Many options.
  • End-to-end workflow management.

世界杯去哪里买球Management knows what clients are looking for, typing “buy backlinks”. Another important point that is worthy of mention is there is no such thing as high-quality article backlinks generator, but there are Article Backlinks from 世界杯去哪里买球Management that will provide you with organic traffic and sales increase.



Official website:

Price: Free basic plans, premium are available, starting at $19/month

This is a service used by a lot of site owners, webmasters and, as a result, optimizers.

Why do they like the service :

  • you can add criteria to the project;
  • subscribe to notifications;
  • you can get the opportunity to prepare content only on the topic of interest.

Posting via HARO

Ultimately, all you need is this:

  • get an opportunity
  • confirm
  • write content
  • put a link in it
  • place

In general, you need to understand the basic service and receive new features every day by mail. You can get very high-quality backlinks that will give you not only link juice, but also referral traffic.

5. Press release services

Press release services

There are services with the help of which you can send a press release and it will have a high probability of getting on a number of top sites.

Here is a list of services:

These services have both paid and free ways to post a press release . From personal experience, we can say that it is better to use paid ones, there will be a much better return.

But the return depends on:

  • news occasion;
  • title (strongly influenced);
  • written text.

In the press release, we insert a link to the site – a company that informs about some kind of news in the text.

Beforehand, it is advisable to look at the examples of press releases on these sites that have already been published. It is also particularly important to analyze those that have become successful, understand why, and use the same technology.

6. Generate a lot of backlinks from WEB 2.0 sites

Press release services

Will help you find web 2.0 sites where you can register, make a description of your site and leave a backlinks.

There will be more rewards if:

  • make unique descriptions for each
  • gradually add
  • do it efficiently, not just quickly

Such sites will help to give the promoted site trust, as well as the number of links.

6.1. Namechk


You can order a paid placement through . It will do all the work for you, including registration, filling out profiles and uploading photos. Their pricing ranges from $85 to $650. Or you can find the executor on blackhatworld.

6.2. Video submission sites


You need to make a video. It can be educational or any other that has value for the user. Further, add these videos.

For example, here is a list of video platforms to add:

Far not so many users add their videos to such directories, and this gives quick backlinks from more or less authoritative sites.

7. Best tools to generate backlinks from Local citation sites


You get links from trust sites + referral traffic that can be converted into customers. These are sites like: google maps, apple maps, yelp, etc.

7.1 Localseochecklist

Backlink Generator Software

Official website:

With this tool you have an opportunity to:

  • find unused directories;
  • upload through the service and do not do it manually;
  • download the list of sites and do everything yourself.

7.2. MOZ Local

Backlink Generator Software

Official website:

This is a standalone subscription focused on local SEO marketing. It automatically saves, cleans and updates your internet location data for maximum visibility. The subscription also includes additional features such as duplicate removal, deep Google and Facebook integrations, and store search.

7.3 Whitespark


Official website:

With Whitespark you can:

  • search;
  • analyze competitors and their mentions;
  • find options for where to add data.

The tool is perfect for local business, as it can improve the showing up of your site. It’s a local citation instrument that helps to find potential partners just by adding your coordinates and typing of the business type. Whitespark has not many additional options like Raven or BuzzStream, but it’s still good for basic link management.


  • Simplicity and efficiency.
  • Low cost.
  • Unlimited citations per search.
  • Export to CSV.


  • Possibility to get low-quality sites.

If you’re a beginner in local business, Whitespark will most likely cover your basic promotion needs. Small Business package is available for $ 20 per month, SEO Specialist – for $ 30, SEO Agency – for $ 40, and SEO Enterprise – for $ 100. The monthly price is equal to searches available per day.

Optimal number of backlinks obtained with the link builders

You should be guided by 2 parameters:

  • Quality of backlinks.
  • Reference mass growth rate.

Many people wonder how much links they can buy on the young resource. For a new project it’s not recommended to actively increase the reference mass, as reference explosions can cause sanction from SEs. Reference weight that was gained rapidly can be filtered and not taken into account in rankings. SEs generally treat with suspicion all the fresh links.

Not to hurt yourself with SEO backlinks builders, take a quality help of 世界杯去哪里买球Management professionals. The service also offers you a full SEO and promotion complex, leading your site to the top with minimum costs and absolute guarantees.


Site’s trust is an imaginary figure, used by SEOs, as it’s impossible to measure its value accurately, while it can be suggested or appreciated somehow. Some SEOs even believe that there is no such indicator as “Trust”, but sure they are wrong.

High trust means that your site is relevant, it’s in demand among the visitors and has already taken a certain niche. SEs know that people can safely go to your website, because they’ll find the info they need. By defining the Trust level, SEs choose which of them will occupy key positions in SERPs. Trust sites are worthy candidates to the first lines of the search, even they have not the best SEO optimization. All other sites that do not have a high trust and authority are doomed to get to the top by general factors, also with taking into account domain’s trust and credibility level.

A good example of this is Wikipedia that is at top for the most of info searches, despite the sites which have lower positions are optimized better. It’s a classic example that shows the importance of Trust level.

There are certain factors that can affect the Trust. You should know about how to use them when working on the site and scrolling through tons of “backlink builder tool free” requests.

You can write the very same “for people” articles with highly competitive keywords, and be in the top without even promoting your resource, or with minimal investments. So, why don’t you start your link building with specialized software that conducts keyword research , for instance?

Free analytics link builder

The factors that predetermine trust level

  • Domain and site Age . Age is counted from the moment of site fist indexation.
  • Site domain zone . This insignificant parameter also counts. Some domain zones earned a bad reputation (e.g., .info), so “.com” sites will probably have higher trust rate (but not all sites with bad domain areas receive little trust – more important is quality and relevance of the material).
  • External links . 世界杯去哪里买球 to other resources that you put on your site are important, especially for young sites. There are two key points: quality and quantity of outbound links.

It is bad when a site has a lot of spam links or ones that lead to poor quality resources. Avoid placing suspicious links. When it comes to high-quality backlinks, authority link sources are one of the factors to consider. SEO Autopilot , for example, allows you to get those valuable backlinks from .edu and .gov websites, as well as big “G” assets.

If your site links to resources with a bad reputation and negative trust level, there is a strong likelihood that the negative reputation and trust will return to you via these links. So, check the quality of sites to which you link.

Note: if there is a strong need to refer to low-quality sites, close correspondent links from SEs by “noindex” and “nofollow” attributes. It is believed that the SEs are loyal to the sites that link to useful thematic resources. In principle, this is true. As long as your site is young, try to limit the number of outgoing links or block them from indexing in order to prevent SEs from suspecting your resource in trading

  • Backlinks . The presence of backlinks is an indicator of a site’s popularity. The more backlinks – the higher the popularity. Backlinks can be divided into artificial and natural.
  • Artificial – bough links from catalogs. The high frequency of occurrence of such links can cause suspicion about their artificial nature. The exceptions are links from the “trust” resources (In particular Google’s catalogs, as the high requirements do not allow low-quality and suspicious sites to get there). Generally, trust sites must be close to your topics. SEs with are able to determine which links were purchased.
  • Natural . The main method of getting natural backlinks is a creation of high-quality and useful material, which would be referred by authoritative resources. The other way is to negotiate with the owners of high-quality sites of similar subjects to place your materials with links to your site. As practice shows, natural links significantly increase the trust of a site.

When choosing a site where your link will be placed, consider site and page age, as well as the number and natural links on a page of a link placement.

  • Internal linking . If SEs see that the resource owner has made on-page optimization, including internal linking, they’re constantly improving its trust rate.
  • Quality of content . Duplicate pages, non-unique content, short posts and rare posting – – all these lowers site trust rank.
  • Behavioral factors . The behavior of users on the site indicates to SEs whether to increase its trust. A high bounce rate can lead to a sharp decline in the Trust rank of website.
  • Relevance of potential donor . No other links affect the promo of the article except ones from thematic resources. Therefore, pay attention to the theme of the site from which you’re going to get links.
  • Site age . It’s not recommended to buy links from resources that are under 12 months, as such sites are still estimating by SEs on the subject of trust and other parameters.
  • Attendance . If there is no traffic counters, it may indicate that a donor has something to hide.
  • Check the donor on the presence of bought links . Browse through the pages of the site and check it for the presence of irrelevant links to external resource.

Government and Educational 世界杯去哪里买球

When it comes to backlinks for government and educational institutions, you need a generator that is fast, organic, and able to produce bulk links. Although the theory behind an edu backlink generator and gov backlink generator are much the same as those listed above, there are some slight differences.

You may not realize it, but most universities and government agencies worry about increasing their online presence and targeting the right audience just as much as conventional businesses do. However, as top-level domains, they must use the right software, one that makes the world see them as trustworthy and authoritative. So, not all of the backlink builder tools that are free can boast .edu and .gov websites.

Building backlinks for educational institutions and government agencies create a unique challenge. For these organizations, they need software that does not resort to forum profiles or spam-like pages, i.e., “wiki.” Therefore, they must be extremely selective when it comes to an online link generator.

Because these sites are of superior quality, the .edu or .gov backlink generator needs to link to sites of the same caliber, whether with the intention of reaching potential students or government workers, promoting something, sharing news, and so on. Something else of importance, the webmaster needs to know the DA of the sites, as well as verify if they provide a dofollow or nofollow link.

While a dofollow link is okay, if not, there is no use in building backlinks from the same. In that case, Google, as well as other search engines will not index the site’s content in the Search Engine Results Page. Although you can easily find a free .gov and .edu backlink generator, usually, the best options have paid tools.

For backlinking purposes, all .edu and .gov sites work well. Even so, it is essential that you link to sites that fit with your target site, as well as the page of the link. In other words, if you work as a webmaster for a university and want to push a blog about fossils, you want to backlink to a reputable website that specializes in archeology.

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