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Google is a cunning guy who is ready for anything to provide all people on Earth with valuable content. In this case, “submit a guest post” option to website owners is like a life jacket to a drowning man. For Google, the presence of backlinks to a piece of content is one of the indicators of its quality, and you can improve this indicator for your site right now (read more about indicators of quality and Google ranking factors on . The only thing you need to do is to submit a guest post.

Make Your Site More Useful to Users From Google’s Point of View

What do you think happens when Google begins to consider your site to be valuable? That’s right, search engines begin to show your site to users more often and according to the most accurate search queries.

How can you achieve this? Here’s what Google itself recommends:

  • create useful content tailored to the problems and needs of users
  • have a well-thought-out SEO strategy and do everything so that the content of the page really meets the search queries of users
  • have high-quality meta tags, as well as visual and visual materials


The last requirement sounds like the easiest one, but in fact, it is a rather complicated and time-consuming task. In a perfect world, you need to create valuable content and just wait until:

  • search engines will index your article,
  • Google will understand what search queries match your content perfectly,
  • you will organically move to the SERP for certain key requests,
  • a large number of users will read your article
  • and most importantly, someone will share a link to your site in their personal blogs.

Stop! This process can go on forever. You can’t wait too long!

There is a way that can speed up this process and make it more controlled and efficient. Conventionally, it can be called automated blog posting services.

Why is Guest Posting Still Alive?

Despite all the controversies around guest posts, it is still a valid tool of promotion. However, possible risks are always justified, given the large number of advantages of this method.

For SEOs, guest blogging is:

  • Opportunity to build a high-quality link mass;
  • Opportunity to increase traffic;
  • Opportunity to establish good relationships with reputable resources.

For blog owners who publish guest posts are:

  • the ability to increase the volume of thematic content on their blog;
  • the opportunity to expand one’s own horizons and become useful for readers at the expense of expert texts
  • the opportunity to increase the authority of the blog due to a large number of third-party authors.
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Effective Guest Blogging

To make the most of your guest posts, we recommend that you follow these guidelines:

High-quality guest posting is, first of all, a careful manual selection of sites for posting. In this case, one should evaluate not only the ratings of possible donor blogs but also the number and activity of their visitors.

Keep an eye on the quality of articles that will be used as guest posts if you are not writing them yourself.

When using guest blogging to promote your resource, do not forget to stipulate in advance all the conditions for posting (the volume of texts, the presence of pictures, topics).

It is worth remembering that guest posting is not an advertisement, so do not get too carried away in articles praising your products or services. You can only slightly hint in this direction. If readers understand that the purpose of the text is advertising, they will not finish reading it.

Whether to use guest blogging or not, it’s up to you. Of course, there are certain risks of falling under search engine filters. But when done right, guest posting is a reliable source of high-quality backlinks, which are so essential for any promoting web resource.

Top Reasons to Submit Blog Post Right Now

A high-quality backlink is the main result that you get by deciding to submit a guest post. However, there are several more reasons why you should do this.

Get an influx of a new audience. Backlinks improve traffic (read more about improving Google rankings on neilpatel ). If you submit a blog post on a well-visited resource, and your link organically complements the content of the post, then users will click on your link as they wish – simply because your business can be potentially useful to them.

Strengthen your positions in search results. From a perspective of SEO, blog posting is the most effective strategy for getting backlinks. 世界杯去哪里买球 from forums, comments, and social networks do not give such an effect. And this is one of the reasons why our customers are getting in Google Top 10 in 3-6 months.

Create the right impression for Google. When you submit blog post, to Google it seems like a completely natural linking back. As soon as a search engine sees more traffic coming from trusted resources, you get a signal that there is something special about your content and website.

Invest once in a link that will always be in place . For this reason, links from forums do not work, they can simply be deleted at any time. We can guarantee that all links posted with our help will remain in their places and will generate a result for you.

Improve sales. Improved positions in search results (read more on ahrefs ), more traffic, and more targeted users can mean only one thing – your sales will grow.

Want to get all this for your project? You already know what to do. Just submit a guest post with the help of our service.

Websites’ Topics You May Choose From to Submit Your Post

In order for the backlink to look natural, it is necessary that the topic of your and third-party resources coincide at least partially. With us, you can choose from over 8,000,000 sites from the following niches to submit a blog post:

  • travel and lifestyle
  • digital marketing and eCommerce
  • fashion and trends
  • government and politics
  • child and mommy
  • business and finance
  • wedding and family
  • fitness and health.

The list of topics is not limited to the mentioned ones. What is more, you can always stay flexible in terms of your link building budget by choosing websites of higher or lower domain authority (read more adbout DA on MOZ ) to place your link.

Ready to submit a guest post? Let’s do it now!

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